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Data Center Monitoring

DC Insight - Monitor, Analyze and Understand your Data Center

DC Insight - High Level Architecture Diagram DC Insight - High Level Architecture Diagram

DC Insight, a solution designed for data center monitoring. The solution provides 2 integrated views into your data center.

  • DC Insight Operations: Based on the proven technology of InterMapper, it provides a scalable solution to fit a single server deployment for small sites to multi-sites international deployment.
  • DC Insight Analytics: An analytics platform built specifically for data center to visualize all your data collected by your DC Insight Deployment.

Combine with our DC Insight Professional Service team, DC Insight can monitor your data center equipment through protocols such as Modbus, SNMP, wire-free dry contact or any IP addressable interface.


High-density, Wire-free Environmental Monitoring Solution

DC Insight - Wire-Free Environment Monitoring DC Insight - Wire-Free Environment Monitoring

Our High-density, Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution is part of DC Insight solution providing a no-hassle, wire-free, high density environment monitoring solution. Our wire-free solution offers the following benefits and features:

  • No cabling required for sensors
  • High-density reader covering up-to 465 sqm (5,000 sqf) and up-to 4,096 sensors
  • Small sensor form factor¬†(typically: 56.4 x 44.2 x 8.9 mm)¬†with multiple mounting options
  • Expanding portfolio of wire-free sensors including humidity+temperature, temperature, door, dry contact, fluid, differential air-pressure, Geist and ServerTech PDU, etc.

High Density Branch Circuit Power Monitoring Solution

DC Insight - High Density Power Monitoring Solution DC Insight - High Density Power Monitoring Solution

Our High Density Branch Circuit Power Monitoring solution is part of the DC Insight solution, a single platform to monitor, collect and analyze data used by facility managers.

Our power monitoring solution offers the following features:

  • Retrofit into unmetered switchboards or PDUs with zero downtime.
  • Measures instantaneous current and voltage, instantenous power, RMS current and voltage, real/apparent/reactive power, fundamental power and power factor for each feed.
  • Using stackable low cost extension modules make measuring thousands of feeds cost effective.

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