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DC Insight - Monitor, Analyze and Understand your Data Center

DC Insight - High Level Architecture Diagram DC Insight - High Level Architecture Diagram

DC Insight, a solution designed for data center monitoring. The solution provides 2 integrated views into your data center.

  • DC Insight Operations: Based on the proven technology of InterMapper, it provides a scalable solution to fit a single server deployment for small sites to multi-sites international deployment.
  • DC Insight Analytics: An analytics platform built specifically for data center to visualize all your data collected by your DC Insight Deployment.

Combine with our DC Insight Professional Service team, DC Insight can monitor your data center equipment through protocols such as Modbus, SNMP, wire-free dry contact or any IP addressable interface.

DC Insight Operations

DC Insight - Map Hierarchical View DC Insight - Map Hierarchical View

DC Insight Operations provides an intuitive interface into all your data center sites and equipment through a map hierarchical view. This arrangement organizes your assets into an easily understood manner. High level operation managers can look at the holistic map which aggregates the status of all you data center equipment into a simple color scheme to reflect status of all your sites and equipment.

DC Insight Operations offer features to fit company's operation needs include:

  • Configurable threshold based notification.
  • Delay and repeat notification settings adapt to multiple support teams and tiers in organizations.
  • Multiple notification mechanisms and destinations such as Email, SMS, SNMP, Command line, etc.
  • Alert acknowledgement and notification suppression for unplanned alerts and planned activities
  • Real-time strip charts for quick analysis of trends.

DC Insight Analytics

DC Insight Analytics DC Insight Analytics

An analytics platform designed specifically for data center. Based on years of experience and collaboration with data operators and facility managers, DC Insight Analytics provide a business intelligence platform geared towards organization requiring a consolidated and intelligent view of their data center and operations.

DC Insight Analytics provide the following views:

  • Trend view: review historical data annotated with event acknowledgement and project notes.
  • Histogram view: compare 2 periods of data side-by-side to aggregate and see consolidated effects on your data center.
  • Dashboard view: aggregated all your data centers data into single dashboard to keep a close eye on key KPIs.

Full Range of Components for Data Centers Big and Small

Not all data centers are created equal. That is why we have a full range of options to fit data center of various sizes all under a single solution.

DC Insight Environment Monitoring Options

From wire-free high-density environment monitoring of thousands of sensor points, to 2+5 ports Wired based environment monitoring for small computer-room, we got you covered.

DC Insight Environment Monitoring Options

All these equipment operates under a single user interface so you can easily manage your large data center down to the small branch office computer rooms.

High Density, Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution

High Desnity, Wire-Free Environment Monitoring

  • No cabling required for sensors
  • High-density reader covering up-to 465 sqm (5,000 sqf) and up-to 4,096 sensors
  • Small Sensor form factor (typically: 56.4 x 44.2 x 8.9 mm) with multiple mounting options
  • Expanding portfolio of wire-free sensors including humidity+temperature, temperature, door, dry contact, fluid, differential air-pressure, Geist and ServerTech PDU, etc.

Visit our High Density, Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution page to learn more.

DC Insight Power Monitoring Options

DC Insight - Power Monitoring Options

DC Insight Power Monitoring Solution DC Insight Power Monitoring Solution

High Density Branch Circuit Power Monitoring

  • Utilizing split-core current transformers require zero downtime for installation. Ideal for existing data centers.
  • Measures instantaneous current and voltage, instantenous power, RMS current and voltage, real/apparent/reactive power, fundamental power and power factor for each feed.
  • Measure up to 102 feeds per main unit. Use multiple main units and integrate with DC Insight to monitor virtually unlimited number of power feeds.

Visit our High Density Branch Circut Monitoring Solution page to learn more.


To learn more about our DC Insight solution, contact us for a demo today.

DC Insight Integration Services

We understand that you do not want silo solutions. That is why we provide a comprehensive integration services for our customers. DC Insight can operate standalone or as a middleware to supply information to high-level systems.

Not sure whether your hardware is supported? Over the years we have work with various customers and vendors to integrate their hardware with our platform. You will be surprise by how many hardware we support!

Even if we do not have a probe available for your hardware right off the bat, our software's powerful probe creation facility enable us to quickly help your create software drivers to monitor your hardware in less than 1 day!

To learn more about our DC Insight solution, contact us for a demo today.

Or follow our blog to get the latest update on our DC Insight Solution.


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