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Tailored Cold/Hot Aisle Containment Solution for Data Centers

Maintaining proper operating temperatures in your data center requires good planning, close attention to detail, and the right equipment. And these days, you have to be even more mindful of energy costs and consumption targets. At Quantum Data Systems, we understand customer wants to get the most out of their data center. With every hardware refresh, equipments are gettering increasingly powerful in smaller package, thus increasing the heat density. It is no longer an issue of insufficient cold air supply from CRAC units, it is a problem with airflow distribution. From our many years of working with various clients and experience with various solutions, we offer a vendor-neutral, best-of-breed approach to tailor a solution for your data center.

Before installation of tailored cold aisle containment solution Before installation of tailored cold aisle containment solution After installation of tailored cold aisle containment solution After installation of tailored cold aisle containment solution
Before After

Data Centre Cooling Optimization

Typical QDS Cooling Optimization Project Schedule Typical QDS Cooling Optimization Project Schedule

Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd provides products (through our SI/reseller partners) and computer room environmental diagnostic and remediation services designed to increase cooling effectiveness without requiring any downtime. Our goal is to enable computer rooms to reliably and efficiently achieve the recommended optimum temperature and relative humidity conditions at the air intake of computer and communication equipment, while minimizing capital investment in cooling infrastructure.

Our cooling optimization service utilizes the DC Insight Wire-Free Environment Monitoring Solution to capture data before and after the project. Post project, we provide a data-driven analysis and report for our customers.


InterMapper network monitoring software integration services

Having trouble getting a grasp of what is happening with all your company's equipment? InterMapper might be able to help! InterMapper software provide a intuitive interface to visualized device status over an image. For example, you can

  • export your floor plan into an image,
  • upload the image to InterMapper
  • overlay probes onto the map - these probes connect to the physical device and monitor information provided by the device

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