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Solutions Data Centre Cooling Optimization

Complete Data Center Containment Solution

Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd carries a complete containment solution for your data center. The system includes the follow modules designed to fit most data center containment requirements.

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whitebkgd44 Expandable Filler Panel Expandable Filler Panel

          Curtain soft wall extends containment height Curtain soft wall extends containment height

Aisle End Sliding Door Rack Cap Hard Top Panel or Melt-Away

Expandable Filler Panel

Curtain Soft Wall


Aisle End Curtain Strip Door Aisle End Curtain Strip Door


HotLok blanking panels deployed in a rack HotLok blanking panels deployed in a rack

  Rack Skirt Blanking Panel Rack Skirt Blanking Panel Koldlok raise floor grommet seals cable cut-out Koldlok raise floor grommet seals cable cut-out

Aisle End Curtain Strip Door

 Rack Blanking Panel


Rack Skirt Panel



Raise Floor Grommets



Cooling Optimization By Simplex Curtain Containment

Polysim 509 Curtains Polysim 509 Curtains

Whether you are facing a hot spot issue or wanting to reduce your energy bill, containment is a proven approach in the data centre industry.  Simplex curtain containment solution is specifically design to satisfy the stringent requirement of a data centre.  From the material of the curtain, to the design of the mounting system, to the installation procedure, Simplex curtain containment solution can be installed without interrupting the operation of your mission critical data centre.

Curtain Material - PolySim

PolySim – PolySim is made from an inherently static dissipative polyurethane that provides nonhumidity dependent protection for sensitive data center environments where ESD is a problem. There is no plasticizer used in PolySim, making the volatile condensable contaminants (outgassing) extremely low. Because Polysim is an alloy using high molecular weight materials, the static dissipative properties are permanent. This material also allows you to meet sustainability goals because it is a urethane, as opposed to a PVC-based vinyl.


Cooling Optimization By the Lok Family (KoldLok/HotLok)

Split_Integral_large hotlok_1Uand2U_230x70

The primary focus of the Lok Family of products from Upsite Technologies is to reduce the amount of bypass airflow. “Bypass airflow” is any conditioned air which did not reach the target appliance in data centres which requires cooling. For example

  • Conditional air can escape from cable cut-out in raised-floors
  • Hot-air in hot aisle could seep through unused racks spaces and mix with the conditioned air in the cold aisle before the cold air cool the valuable IT equipments.

Cooling Optimization By Plenaform

pfpf27.gif Illustration of how Plenafill and Plenaform is used in data centre

Plenaform and Plenafill are made of flexible material which can be easily cut to conform to those hard to adjust environments. The base material are:

  • An Inert, Non-Conductive and Non-Hygroscopic Material
  • Flammability rating of UL V- 0 per UL94
  • RoHS and WEEE Compliant
  • An Energy Saving and Thermal Tuning Tool

Plenaform is used to direct airflow under the raise floor and increase static pressure under your cold aisle with perforated tiles.

Plenafill is used to fill those old shaped spaces in your rack where traditional blanking panels does not fit.


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