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Uptime Devices

Uptime Devices' has created a product that will allow you to easily monitor and manage all of your critical environmental needs in your home, security, small business, corporate, or government networks. With these devices you will be able to maintain the safety of all your network server rooms at a low cost to you.

Uptime Devices SH-2

Uptime Devices SH-2

The SH-2+ is a pre-packaged system with a temperature and humdity sensor. A savings of $125! (All the same features as the SH-2.)
Uptime Devices SHPro

Uptime Devices SHPro

Uptime Devices' SensorHub Pro provides the same abilities as the SensorHub and SensorHub Plus with additional features! With the SensorHub Pro you obtain two extra sensor ports, allowing you to monitor more elements within your environment. The SensorHub

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