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InterMapper RemoteAccess

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Are you at your desk 24/7? Of course not! Most network managers travel about – from one server room to another, across the office park and back, to remote offices in other cities, and, after a good day, they go home at night. Unfortunately, network problems don't wait until technicians are at their desk with network management applications and diagnostic tools within easy reach.

Extend your reach with InterMapper RemoteAccess™, an optional add-on that gives you and your staff access to maps, submaps, and configuration options from any connected location.

Managers working from home, consultants who monitor client sites, and help desk personnel use InterMapper RemoteAccess to:

  • consult top-level and sub-maps from remote locations
  • diagnose network problems that have generated alerts
  • dispatch and track the work of field staff


Real-time views and detailed device information

InterMapper RemoteAccess employs its own interface, rather than relying on a static browser. This enables dynamic data display – no need to refresh to see if your network's status has changed.

Complete InterMapper Access

No matter where you are, InterMapper RemoteAccess gives you real-time ability to:

  • View and create maps
  • Open reports and status windows
  • Drill-down to sub-maps
  • Configure InterMapper servers
  • Acknowledge alarms

Works through firewalls and across VPNs

A single port is all that's required to connect to your InterMapper server. SSL encryption is also available.

Secure Access

Username/password or network address authorization provides access on a map-by-map basis.

Technical Requirements

RemoteAccess requires a current version of InterMapper.


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