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InterMapper Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring Software with Traffic Analyzer

Your network is constantly changing. InterMapper makes it easy to keep up. Live network monitoring, mapping, traffic analysis capabilities provide 24 x 7 intelligence on overall network operations, including bandwidth usage, network traffic, and performance degradation.

Network maps provide at-a-glance visibility of device status and real-time network traffic analysis. Color-coded icons show which network devices are overloaded, underperforming, or down. Animated traffic "ants" make heavy network traffic patterns obvious and provide one-click access to underlying NetFlow data.

InterMapper network alerts identify potential problems before your end-users notice a thing.

Key InterMapper capabilities include:

  • Live network maps
  • Live network monitoring software
  • NetFlow Analysis shows bandwidth usage
  • Server and Application monitoring
  • Diagnostics and Performance Trend Reporting
  • SQL Database and Data Reporting
  • Flexible Alerting and Notifications
  • Scalable, Distributed Monitoring
  • Microburst Level Visibility
  • Data Import and Export
  • Secure access
  • Use LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory, Radius, Kerberos
  • RemoteAccess Client
  • Easy Implementation



InterMapper network monitoring software visually alerts you to outages, decreasing bandwidth, increasing network traffic, unusual error rates, and abnormal usage patterns.
InterMapper Flows

InterMapper Flows

InterMapper Flows, a NetFlow analyzer, is fully integrated with InterMapper. Simply clicking a device, exporter, interface, or subnet on an InterMapper map will show you exactly who is generating network traffic during specific time periods and where they
InterMapper RemoteAccess

InterMapper RemoteAccess

View maps and charts, and configure your InterMapper server in real-time from any connected, remote location.

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