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Cyclades PM42

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Cyclades® PM42 3-Phase Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Cyclades® PM42 3-phase intelligent power distribution unit (IPDU) enables remote power control and system management of IT assets located within data centers that utilize or plan to use more than 5kW of power within server racks. When used in conjunction with Cyclades ACS advanced console servers and DSR® switch appliances, Cyclades PM 42 IPDU offers quick problem resolution through an integrated management interface. With one or more outlets positively associated with a particular device, users may control power “in line” through a user-defined “hot key” or by using an intuitive Web browser-based GUI.

The unit includes two RS 232 ports: one for remote management through Cyclades ACS console servers, DSR switch appliances as well as DSView® 3 management software, and the second one for daisy chain expansion. Daisy chaining allows operators to control up to 3 units as a single device. Remote management capabilities include event logging and fault notification via email, SMS or SNMP traps.
Cyclades PM42 is equipped with 42 IEC320-C13 power outlets and a fixed power cable with L21-30 termination. It accepts 208Vac 3-phase input voltage and converts this to three separate banks of split-phase 208Vac circuits suitable for powering IT equipment.

Cyclades PM42 Quick Facts

  • Power control over remote IT assets from anywhere on earth
  • Support high density racks
  • Seamless integration with Cyclades ACS console servers, DSR switches and DSView® 3   management software
  • Monitor and balance current to optimize power delivery
  • Proactive fault management and isolation
  • Fault notifications via e-mail, SMS page and SNMP traps
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