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Dycem ProtectaMat

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Dycem ProtectaMat is a high performance contamination control zone designed to attract airborne particles to its surface and decontaminate soles of personnel's shoes and booties. This contamination is held on the surface until cleaning takes place.


  • Prevents over 99% of viable and non-viable contamination from entering the critical area
  • Ready for immediate use, simply unroll and place in the desired location
  • Complete with red safety leaders to minimise safety hazards
  • ProtectaMat is also available with a self-adhesive backing to prevent underside from slipping
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ProtectaMat Product Brochure (498.29 kB)


Width / Length

1.2m (4') x 1m (3'3")
1.2m (4') x 2m (6'6")
1.2m (4') x 3m (10') 
1.2m (4') x 4m (13')

Thickness 7mm (0.276") tolerance +/- 0.5mm
Electrical Resistance 108 Ohms
Co-Efficient of Friction 3.5 μ
Heat Resistance Working range 0ºc - 50ºс (32ºf - 122ºf)
Colour Blue with Red Safety Leaders
Anti Microbial All Dycem products incorporate Biomaster
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ESD Features Neutral

Where to Use

Use Dycem wherever contamination is a concern: entrances and exits to critical areas, changing rooms, transfer hatches, corridors and airlocks.

Dycem's comprehensive range of High Performance Contamination Control Zones reduce particulate counts in all your critical areas.

  • All critical areas to prevent ingress of contamination
  • All exits to prevent contamination leaving the critical area.
  • In corridors to prevent cross contamination.
  • Inside the critical area adjacent to critical products and processes.
  • Airlocks
  • Gowning rooms
  • Product transfer rooms
  • Warehouses


Please click to view Dycem Material Safety Data Sheet (79.06 kB)

Chemical Resistance

Spillages of any chemicals will not harm the Dycem material if removed immediately.

Acetaldehyde resistant resistant
Acetic Acid (10%) resistant resistant
Acetic Acid (glacial) resistant  
Acetone - see Ketones    
Acid Fumes resistant resistant
Alcohols resistant negligible plasticiser extraction
Formaldehydes resistant resistant
Other Aldehydes resistant slight solvation
Ammonia resistant resistant
Aromatic Solvents negligible solvation slight solvation
Bleach - See Hypochlorites    
Brine resistant resistant
Caustic Soda resistant resistant
Chromic Acid (80%) resistant not resistant
Detergents resistant slight extraction of plasticiser
Disinfectants resistant resistant
Esters (aliphatic) negligible solvation slight solvation
Ether slight solvation solvation may occur
Formaldehyde resistant resistant
Hibitane resistant resistant
Hydrochloric Acid (concentrated) resistant not resistant
Hydrogen Peroxide (30%) resistant resistant
Hyochlorites resistant possibly some
Ketones slight solvation solvation may occur
Methanol - See Alcohols    
Nitric Acid (50%) resistant resistant
Oil (diesel) resistant slight embrittlement
Oil (mineral,vegetable) resistant slight embrittlement
Petroleum Spirit resistant slight embrittlement
Sulphuric Acid (50%) resistant resistant
Uric Acid resistant resistant
Water resistant resistant

Purity Study

Please click to view Dycem Purity Documentation (80.28 kB)

Order Details

CC02/10/R    1.20m(W) x 1.00m(L) Protectamat with Red Leaders
CC02/20/1    1.20m(W) x 2.00m(L) Protectamat with Red Leaders
CC02/30/1    1.20m(W) x 3.00m(L) Protectamat with Red Leaders
CC02/40/1    1.20m(W) x 4.00m(L) Protectamat with Red Leaders

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