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Smart CDU CS-21V

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The Smart CDU delivers reliable power distribution, local power monitoring via LEDs, power monitoring via IP and environmental (temperature & humidity) monitoring via IP.

Increasing power demands and density in the equipment cabinet requires new functionality from your cabinet PDU. The Sentry CDU product family uniquely meets these demands.

The Sentry Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) is an intelligent PDU with local LED input current monitoring, allowing network engineers to utilize the CDU's True RMS Power Monitor to precisely measure the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on the power circuit.

As new equipment units are added to the power drop, immediately observe its impact on the cumulative current draw. This allows the engineer to safely load each circuit to its maximum allowable load capacity without the danger of overloading the power circuit. The CDU meets new UL 60950-1 Branch Circuit Protection requirements. Each branch circuit utilizes a Bussman® SC fuse as an Overcurrent Protection Device (OCPD). Now you can safely run 30-amp power drops to your server cabinet where individual outlet receptacles have lower output ratings (i.e., 20-amps) 

Specifications and Features

Item # Available Input
Rated Amperage Available Input Cord Outlets Dimensions
CS-21VD-L1520 3-Phase 240V
20A NEMA L15-20P
IEC 60320/C13
Qty (21)
45.0" (L)
1.75" (W)
2.25" (D)
CS-21VY-L2120 3 phase 208V
20A NEMA L21-20P
IEC 60320/C13
Qty (21)
45.0" (L)
1.75" (W)
2.25" (D)
Additional Specifications
Standards Power Cords
  > US & Canada (cTUVus mark) to UL 60950-1:2003 and CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-1-03
  > European Union (TUVGS mark) to EN 60950-1:2001
  > FCC Class A, Part 15

   > EMTH-1-1 Temperature & Humidity Probe, 10’
> PTCORD-1 IEC 60320/C19 - NEMA L6-20P (20A Twist-Lock) 10’
> PTCORD-5 IEC 60320/C19 - 5-15P (15A Straight-Blade) 10’
> PTCORD-6 IEC 60320/C19 - 5-20P (20A Straight-Blade) 10’
> PTCORD-7 IEC 60320/C19 - L5-20P (20A Twist-Lock) 10’

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