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OPHIT's DAS series with single channel optical port transmits your video signal in computer or workstation over 10km for long distance transmission with based on DVI standard without any degradation of video quality.

High speed and long distance transmission of digital graphic
--signal with 1 fiber
Corresponding to T.M.D.S signal
R,G,B,Clock signal is transmitted by 1 channel single mode
--optical fiber
Supports WUXGA(1920x1200) resolution
The use of standard DVI-D Plug & SC or ST optical
pseudo-DDC detection function for EDID information

  General Specifications

  Video Bandwidth : 165MHz (VGA~WUXGA), Single Link
  Transmission Length : Up to 20km(max)
  Power Consumption : Tx 250mW(max) Rx 250mW(max) Input Power : External 5VDC
  Optical FIber : Single Mode Fiber (9/125um)


  Dimension : 280 *120*30(mm) Weight :600(g) / Tx or Rx only


   Operating Temperature Range : 0 to 50 degrees Centigrade
  Storage Temperature Range : -10 to 70 degrees Centigrade

 Ordering Information

  DAS (1550nm system)

Moel  DAS Series

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