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Data Centre Facilities arrow Tower/Rackmount Network UPS arrow Liebert GXT2 On-line UPS (700-3000VA)

Liebert GXT2 On-line UPS (700-3000VA)

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The GXT2 takes the outstanding features and unmatched reliability of our UPStation GXT series and puts it into a smaller 2U and 4U size cabinets. A true on-line UPS, GXT2 includes power factor correction, internal batteries, frequency conversion, unlimited external battery connectability, and internal automatic / manual bypass capability. 

For maximum flexibility, the GXT2 can be installed as a space-saving rack-mounted unit or a space-saving, free standing tower. A Windows® software program is included that allows the user to custom configure the GXT2 to meet one's individual needs. The UPStation GXT2 - all the right features, just the right size.

Quality Power

The Liebert GXT 2U is a true on-line power source, so whatever the quality of power coming in – the pur e sinewave output meets the exacting standards of your equipment. Unlike other UPS technologies, the GXT 2U’s design handles all these potential power problems:Power spikes and transients
  • EMI/RFI noise
  • Voltage sags and brownout conditions
  • Harmonics
  • Power-factor corrected loads
  • Outages

Built-In Reliability

The GXT 2U is designed from the inside out for maximum reliability. It includes operating features that simply are not available on other units in its price range:

Power-factor corrected loads The GXT 2U m aintains stable voltage output even with the power-factor corrected loads typical of modern computer equipment.
Frequency conversion Allows 60Hz in put/50Hz output or 50Hz input/60Hz output with no derating.
Unlimited external battery connectability Any number of 2U battery cabinets can be added to supply additional battery time.
Internal automatic and manual bypass capability As sures continuity of power to critical loads during system problems or maintenance.

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