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Draco™ major

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The Draco™ major Switch sets a milestone in the world of Matrix- Switches.

For the first time, the quality of DVI sources can be switched through a Matrix switch. Highest resolutions of up to 1920x1200 (Duallink up to 2560x2048 projected) in combination with long distances open up the multifaceted possibilities.

The device can be easily set to the various modes of operation:

  • Crosspoint-Switch – 32 Inputs to up to 16 Outputs
  • 32:16 Single-Head KVM Switch
  • 16:8 Dual-Head KVM Switch
  • 8:4 Quad-Head KVM Switch


Besides of the most popular operation mode KVM- Switch, the device can also handle Dual-Head or Quadhead applications.

In the operation mode ‚KVM- Switch’, the special feature ‚Partner Viewing’, allows, to double the own screen content to one or more additional screens. Perfect, if you want to show your content additionally on a video-projector or if you want to make your screen available for your administrator. The feature ‚Follow- Me’- allows, that even when you switch to another CPU, the connected screens will follow.

One operation mode reproduces an often required function in Control Rooms: Several monitors can be assigned to a workplace. The CPUs displayed on these monitors can be easily selected from the list of available CPUs. With a short key you can switch fast and easily the keyboard/mouse to each monitor and control the attached CPU.

In the operation mode Crosspoint Switch, the Draco™ major allows applications in conference rooms or in Digital Signage Applications.

In Educational Environments, an additional operation mode sets the system to a student/teacher configuration. The teacher can always switch to the monitor of each student for observation. In the configuration for up to 15 students, the teacher can additionally switch his screen content or this of any student to the other students. In the configuration for up to 31 students, he can switch his or the screen content of any student to a common screen (e.g. video projector).

In KVM- Switch Mode the access is always done via the connected keyboard with a comfortable OnScreen Menu (OSD). Additionally it’s possible to make the control access via serial interface or with network access. This allows, using this device as a matrix switch in combination with commercially available media control devices.

A User Management in up to 1000 levels allows a detailed right level for each console place, for each CPU and/or for each switch.

The OSD or Web- Interface allows displaying the actual port connectivity, user connectivity ... at any time.

The Administration of the System is regularly done through a console and a user with administrator- rights or comfortable through the built-in Web-Interface. Additionally the administration can be done via the equipped IR-remote control

The complete system, with all built-in boards and components can easily be upgraded with the most recent firmware version. To do this, you only have to upload via FTP the necessary Upgrade files into the device.

A Draco™ major Switch System is always configured like described below:

  • At each signal source (CPU) a Local Unit is installed.
  • Using CATx- or fibre cables (depending on device type) the connection to the Draco™ major unit is made.
  • Optional, using CATx- or fibre cables (depending on device type) you can make the connection to a Master- Draco™ major.
  • At each console (Monitor) a Remote Unit is installed.
  • Using CATx- or fibre cables (depending on device type) you can make the connection to the Draco™ major.
The Draco™ major Switch uses identical boards for In- and Output. Because of this you get money savings in inventory costs and a higher availability.  


  • DVI-D 1920x1200@60Hz / up to 24Bit Colours
  • USB- Keyboard/Mouse (depending on device)
  • Optional available with serial/Audio
  • Up to 16 independent Users
  • Up to 1024 connected CPUs
    • 140m @ CATx,
    • 400m @ Multimode 50μ,
    • 200m @ Multimode 62,5μ,
    • -10.000m @ Singlemode 9μ
  • Power Supply 90...240VAC with internal p.s.u. – optional available with redundant p.s.u.
  • E/A-boards available for CATx, Multimode, Singlemode or for user selectable assembly
  • Online Upgrade possible
  • User Management and Access Right Management in up to 1000 levels
  • Comfortable configuration and CPU/User naming
  • Access via OSD (On Screen Display), via serial interface or graphical Web-Interface

Part No.

product notation part no.
Draco™ major Switch devices CATx  
Draco™- major, 8x User /   8x CPU K474-U8/C8
Draco™- major, 8x User / 16x CPU K474-U8/C16
Draco™- major, 8x User / 24x CPU K474-U8/C24
Draco™- major, 8x User / 32x CPU K474-U8/C32
Draco™- major, 16x User /   8x CPU K474-U16/C8
Draco™- major, 16x User / 16x CPU K474-U16/C16
Draco™- major, 16x User / 24x CPU K474-U16/C24
Draco™- major, 16x User / 32x CPU K474-U16/C32
Draco™ major Switch devices – free configuration  
Draco™- major, x User/x CPU, empty for free configuration K474-UX/CX
Draco™ CATx E/A board 474-C8
Draco™ Fibre E/A board Multimode 474-M8
Draco™ Fibre E/A board Singlemode 474-S8
Draco™ Fibre E/A board empty, free configuration 474-X8
CATx GBIC for use in Draco™ minor/major 459-1C
Multimode GBIC for use in Draco™ minor/major 459-1M
Singlemode GBIC for use in Draco™ minor/major 459-1S
Draco™ Display board 474-DIS
Draco™ OSD board 474-OSD


Media Extender CATx    
Draco™-Media Units L459-0E R459-0E
Draco™-Media Units, + Audio/serial L459-AE R459-AE
KVM Extender Units CATx    
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head L459-0ES R459-0ES
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head L459-0ED R459-0ED
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head + Audio/serial L459-AES R459-AES
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head + Audio/serial L459-AED R459-AED


Media Extender Multimode    
Draco™-Media Units L459-0M R459-0M
Draco™-Media Units, + Audio/serial L459-AM R459-AM


KVM Extender Units Multimode    
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head L459-0MS R459-0MS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head L459-0MD R459-0MD
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head + Audio/serial L459-AMS R459-AMS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head + Audio/serial L459-AMD R459-AMD


Media Extender Singlemode    
Draco™-Media Units L459-0S R459-0S
Draco™-Media Units, + Audio/serial L459-AS R459-AS


KVM Extender Units Singlemode    
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head L459-0SS R459-0SS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head L459-0SD R459-0SD
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head + Audio/serial L459-ASS R459-ASS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head + Audio/serial L459-ASD R459-ASD


connecting cables / optional accessories part no.
Cat5, S-UTP-Simplex, (4x2xAWG24) - for Single-Head 402-0J
plug assembly incl. 2x Cat5-plugs 402-0A
Cat5, S-UTP-Duplex, 2x(4x2xAWG24) - for Dual-Head 402-1J
plug assembly incl. 4x Cat5-plugs 402-1A
Multimode Break-Out-cable with 2 Fibres 2G50/125 433-2M
plug assembly Multimode incl. 2x LC-plugs 252-2L
Singlemode Break-Out-cable with 2 Fibres 2E/125 433-2S
plug assembly Multimode incl. 4x LC-plugs 252-2L
international power supply unit 90V...230VAC/5VDC-2A IEC connector 260-5E
mounting plate to mount by screws 455-1K
mounting plate to mount by snap on 455-2K
19"-rack mount kit for 1 ... 4 Single-Head devices 455-4G
19"-rack mount kit for 1 ... 4 Dual-Head devices and Draco™- minor 455-8G
19"-mountable power supply for up to three Draco™- minor Switch/Extender Units.
Use with 455-4G or 455-8G rack mount kits.

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