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Draco™ minor Fibre

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DVI, USB and more - Our new Draco™ minor Fibre (Multiplex-Repeater / Cross-point switch / KVM-switch) supports the DVI graphics interface (DVI-D) and, depending on the device, USB keyboard/mouse (HID - Human Interface Device - such as touch screens, graphics tablets, barcode readers or similar may be successful – but there is no guarantee for this!) and serial (V24/RS232) transfer and also bi-directional audio transmission.
  • crystal clear picture quality in all resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz
  • max. resolution: DVI 1920x1200@60Hz (lower resolutions at least @75Hz)
  • All revisions for to remotely locate a workspace (Keyboard, Mouse and Screen)
  • USB keyboard and mouse - HID devices like Touch screen, Tableaus and other pointing or input devices possible
  • All versions have local video output to add a second screen directly at the CPU
  • Dual-Head devices available, supporting workspaces with Dual-Head grapiccards and two independend monitors
  • Max. resolution on all distances
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Also applicable as slave unit for Draco™ major
  • Using Rack-Mount-Kits, the devices might be mounted in server racks. Up to 4 devices may be integrated in 1U racksapce.
    As a Multiplex Repeater the device allows to connect a (up to 10km remote) PC. For that purpose a local unit will directly installed at the PC. The received signals (DVI + optional serial/audio) are equalized and distributed on up to 7 equivalent outputs. These 7 outputs can be switch to up to 7 (up to 10km away) display devices. Thereto a remote unit has to be installed at each display. Optionally, two independent sources can be distributed on up to three display devices. Or four signal lines can be prepared for greater distances. Optionally, instead of a display device, multiple devices may be cascaded in two stages. The perfect solution for all real digital signage applications!
As an 8-port Crosspoint Switch: each port can be switched optionally as an input or output. You can, for example, switch and distribute the signals from 3 signal sources on up to 5 displays (allowing simultaneous presentations on several displays). Alternatively, signals coming from 7 signal sources can be switched in turn to a single display. The changeover can be triggered remotely using the serial interface (RS232) and/or by a push-button at the device.
As a 7-port KVM Switch: up to 7 Single-Head ports (a “Single-Head” extender system supports 1x monitor, 1x keyboard, 1x mouse) or up to 3 Dual-Head ports (a Dual-Head extender system supports 2x monitor, 1x keyboard, 1x mouse). The changeover can be triggered remotely using the serial interface (RS232) and/or by a push-button at the device.
Cascade multiple devices in two stages for all applications to give up to 49/1 connections. The Draco™ minor switch has the advantage that it can be positioned up to 10km away from both your signal source and display device. This becomes possible by using the proven Draco™- Extender technology for the transmission of DVI- Monitor and USB-Keyboard and Mouse signals over Fibre- cable.
The operation of a Draco™ minor Switch always requires at least one Local Unit and up to seven Remote Units from the Draco™-Extenders range.      


max. resolution: DVI 1920x1200@60Hz (lower resolutions at least @75Hz)

  • colour depth up to 24Bit
  • Distances: ( each link, CPU-Draco or Draco-Console may have these distances) 
    -140m w/ Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, (Cat7)
    -200m w/ 62,5µ Multimode-Fibre
    -400m w/ 50µ Multimode-Fibre
    -10.000m w/ 9µ Singlemode-Fibre
  • DVI-D for the monitor
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse (depending on device)
  • Single-Head (1x Graphic) or Dual-Head (2x Graphic) devices available
  • optional serial/audio support available
  • optional 19"-rack mount kit for up to 4 devices in 1U

Part No.

product notation part no.
Draco™minor Switch Units  
Draco™minor DVI-D KVM- Switch for Multimode K459-7M
Draco™minor DVI-D KVM- Switch for Singlemode K459-7S
Draco™minor DVI-D KVM- Switch w/o GBICs K459-7X
CATx GBIC for use in Draco™minor/major 459-1C
Multimode GBIC for use in Draco™minor/major 459-1M
Singlemode GBIC for use in Draco™minor/major 459-1S

Media Extender Multimode    
Draco™-Media Units L459-0M R459-0M
Draco™-Media Units, + Audio/serial L459-AM R459-AM
KVM Extender Units Multimode    
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head L459-0MS R459-0MS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head L459-0MD R459-0MD
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head + Audio/serial L459-AMS R459-AMS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head + Audio/serial L459-AMD R459-AMD
Media Extender Singlemode    
Draco™-Media Units L459-0S R459-0S
Draco™-Media Units, + Audio/serial L459-AS R459-AS
KVM Extender Units Singlemode    
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head L459-0SS R459-0SS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head L459-0SD R459-0SD
Draco™-KVM Units, Single-Head + Audio/serial L459-ASS R459-ASS
Draco™-KVM Units, Dual-Head + Audio/serial L459-ASD R459-ASD
connecting cables / optional accessories part no.
Draco™ Switching device incl. IR-RC K459-UE
Cat5, S-UTP-Simplex, (4x2xAWG24) - for Single-Head 402-0J
plug assembly incl. 2x Cat5-plugs 402-0A
Cat5, S-UTP-Duplex, 2x(4x2xAWG24) - for Dual-Head 402-1J
plug assembly incl. 4x Cat5-plugs 402-1A
Multimode Break-Out-cable with 2 Fibres 2G50/125 433-2M
plug assembly Multimode incl. 2x LC-plugs 252-2L
Singlemode Break-Out-cable with 2 Fibres 2E/125 433-2S
plug assembly Singlemode incl. 2x LC-plugs 252-2L
international power supply unit 90V...230VAC/5VDC-2A IEC connector 260-5E
mounting plate to mount by screws 455-1K
mounting plate to mount by snap on 455-2K
19"-rack mount kit for 1 ... 4 Single-Head devices 455-4G
19"-rack mount kit for 1 ... 4 Dual-Head devices and Draco™- minor 455-8G
19"-mountable power supply for up to three Draco™- minor Switch/Extender Units.
Use with 455-4G or 455-8G rack mount kits.



Example Applications

Multiplex-Repeater Crosspoint-Switch KVM-Switch

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