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InterMapper Flows

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InterMapper Flows, a NetFlow analyzer, is fully integrated with InterMapper. Simply clicking a device, exporter, interface, or subnet on an InterMapper map will show you exactly who is generating network traffic during specific time periods and where they are located. You gain highly detailed network traffic analyses that reveal bandwidth hogs.

InterMapper Flows collects and displays full-fidelity – highly granular - NetFlow data.

  • Data flows are collected with millisecond accuracy (rather than aggregating data at a one or five minute interval) to provide forensic level historic data.
  • All session data is kept for the specified period of time (one week, one month, three months, six months) that will allow you to track important network traffic trends.

InterMapper Flows displays an overview of network traffic or lets you focus on a specific device, interface, or subnet. You'll see:

  • The device that initiated a multi-megabite upload to a competitor website.
  • Why network traffic to the Burbank office spikes at 2:30 pm every Thursday.
  • The amount of network traffic attributed to nightly sales data transmission.
  • Systems responsible for extracurricular bandwidth usage.
  • And much, much more

Read more about InterMapper Flows bandwidth usage and network traffic analysis capabilities.

Read InterMapper Flows FAQs.

Don't have a Cisco router or switch? Get started with a software-only NetFlow Probe. Check out nProbe or softflowd.

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