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HotLok Blanking Panels

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Upsite's Engineered Sealing Solution that Eliminates Air Recirculation Problems in the Server Cabinet

Now you may optimize the cooling capacity of your computer rooms with Upsite's technology - HOTLOK BLANKING PANELS!

The HotLok Blanking Panel design combines the following features and benefits:

  • Engineered to provide the most effective seal available for optimized cooling capacity within a server cabinet and therefore, lowered operating expenses
  • Designed with inboard ergonomic finger grips for easy, quick, safe, tool-free installation that saves on labor costs
  • Stackable, so your customer can keep them on hand in particulate-free storage environment as a best practice and to save on labor costs
  • Made of lightweight plastic material to lower shipping costs
  • RoHS- and UL-certified, and both product and package are recyclable
  • Competitively priced
  • Great potential for high-volume sales in new builds and existing data centers standardizing their cabinets

HotLok Blanking Panels can be used in most 19-inch EIA-210-E standard cabinets with the following mounting rail openings:

  • Square 9.5mm – 3/8th opening
  • Round M5 or 10-32 opening
  • Round M6 or 12-24 opening

The product is available in 1U or 2U sizes.  Both the 1U and 2U products also come with an award-winning option -- the liquid crystal Upsite Temperature Strip. Customers can quickly determine the intake temperature wherever they install the HotLok Blanking Panel with Upsite Temperature Strip. Suspect hotspots are detected by the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures indicated in the color ranges on the strip.

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Please click the links below for more information on HotLok Blanking Panels:

Specificaiton Sheet with Upsite Temperature Strip

Specification Sheet without Upsite Temperature Strip

White Paper

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HotLok Blanking Panels - Infrared Thermography Case Study: Financial Data Center (1,23 MB)

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