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Sentry Commander PT49

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Integrated Serial Console Access for a PTXL

Expand the management capabilities of the PTXL with the PT49 to remotely manage both servers and network equipment units.   The PT49 connects to a PTXL via an RS-232 serial link to provide remote console management as well as remote power management of each connected device.


The PT49 provides secure in-band and out-of-band access to RS-232 console ports and maintenance ports on UNIX servers, routers and any other network elements which have a serial console port. System administrators can access the PT49 by logging into the PTXL via TCP/IP network using Telnet, or out-of-band via modem or local terminal. After contacting the unit, simple, menu-driven commands are then used to connect to serial maintenance ports or select configuration parameters.


The Pass-Thru Port Access integrates secure, in-band and/or out-of-band serial connections to the console ports of up to 16 internetworking devices for remote problem determination.  The serial console is the only universal out-of-band management media for all the equipment in the data center.  Access servers for remote monitoring and communications for applications such as BIOS configuration, boot-prompt level access or remote configuration.  Or, connect to the configuration port (console or auxiliary port) on network equipment such as routers, switches, hubs and access servers. 


Especially useful for accessing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), the PT49 is ideal for servers and routers in remote wiring closets, providing access to both reboot a remote device to connect to its console port to monitor its boot-up process and ensure it returns to an operational state.

Specifications and Features

Sentry Commander PT49

Item #

Available Input






110 VAC

-PTXL Expansion Unit
-Supports up to 8 Pass-Thru connections to serial devices

 1.75” (H)

 17.2” (W)

 8.0” (D)


110 VAC

-PTXL Expansion Unit
-Supports up to 16 Pass-Thru connections to serial devices

 1.75” (H)

 17.2” (W)

 8.0” (D)


230 VAC

-PTXL Expansion Unit
-Supports up to 8 Pass-Thru connections to serial devices

 1.75” (H)

 17.2” (W)

 8.0” (D)


230 VAC

-PTXL Expansion Unit
-Supports up to 16 Pass-Thru connections to serial devices

 1.75” (H)

 17.2” (W)

 8.0” (D)


Option C-HPT

Global Secure Modem 56Kpbs








Sentry Power Module, In-Line w/ Retainer Clip, Always-on, includes 6' RJ Signal Cable, UL & CSA Approved


 10-Amp, 100–120 VAC, 50/60Hz

 6-Amp, 208—240 VAC, 50/60Hz

 20-Amp, 100–120 VAC, 50/60Hz

 20-Amp, 208—240 VAC, 50/60Hz

 20-Amp, -48 VDC


Environmental Monitoring unit w/ 1 Temp & Humid. Probe


Temperature & Humidity Probe, 10’


Water Sensor Probe , 10’

Technical Specs

Standard Adapter Kit

(1) RJ12-to-DB9 Female
(1) RJ12-to-DB9 Male
(1) RJ12-to-DB25 Female
(1) RJ12-to-DB25 Male
(4) RJ12-to-RJ12 (6P6C) Crossover/Rolled Data Cables (7') 


User Interface

>Command Line Interface & HTML GUI for power

  management and configuration (PTXL)
>Telnet/ANSI/VT 100 Terminal Emulation for

  command-line and Pass-Thru


Conformance & Agency approvals

>US & Canada (cTUVus mark) to UL 60950 3rd Edition and

 CAN/CSA 22.2 No. 60950-00 3rd edition
>European Union (TUVGS mark) to EN 60950 3rd Edition
>FCC Class A, Part 15


Pass-Thru Console Port

6-pin RJ12

1= Signal Ground    4= Data-Out/TD

2= Device Ready-In/DSR   5= Device Ready-Out/DTR

3= Data-In/RD   6= Signal Ground


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