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Partnership with KoldLok

Upsite Technologies, Inc. Partners with Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd. to Distribute KoldLok in Asia.  Below is a re-print of the press release.  The original press release can be found here.

Upsite Technologies, Inc. Partners with Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd. to Distribute KoldLok in Asia

SANTA FE, November 9, 2007—Upsite Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd. (QDS), a leading data center equipment and facilities solution vendor in Hong Kong, China, and Macau, will now distribute its KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommets.

Upsite’s patented KoldLok® Raised Floor Grommets seal cable openings in data centers to optimize the effectiveness of existing cooling equipment and manage the increasing heat loads due to technology compaction and increasing demands on IT performance. KoldLok products provide a cost-effective airflow and thermal management solution without the need for additional equipment purchases. Upsite’s products and services currently optimize more than 6 million ft2 of data center space, helping data centers reduce their carbon footprint.

“We’re thrilled to have Quantum as our partner in Asia as we jointly try to address our global data center energy consumption challenges with effective, well-engineered, cost-effective solutions. Partnering with Quantum means KoldLok will have great visibility and representation for our customers in Asia,” says Peter Crook, President of Upsite Technologies, Inc.

Upsite’s KoldLok products have increasing visibility in other parts of the world as well, including Europe where Upsite has recently opened a regional office in Utrecht, Netherlands. With KoldLok and its other patented optimizing products and services, Upsite is dedicated to making a positive impact on EPA estimates that indicate national data center electricity consumption will double by 2011 to three percent of the US total, necessitating the construction of 10 additional power plants.

About Upsite Technologies, Inc.

Upsite Technologies, Inc. develops energy-efficient, high-availability solutions specifically designed to optimize your data center’s critical physical infrastructure and ensure site uptime, reliability, and flexibility.

As the innovator of engineered sealing solutions, Upsite continues to research and develop products and services to complement and enhance the already extensive lines of patented KoldLok® products and KoldWorksSM services. Upsite’s inventions optimize thermal load capacity, target hotspot remediation, reduce intermittent equipment failures, improve equipment reliability, minimize bypass airflow, and diminish capital costs associated with installing additional cooling equipment.
Upsite’s well-engineered solutions are employed by data centers worldwide to help reduce their carbon footprint and minimize energy and operating costs. Upsite’s products and services currently optimize more than 6 million ft2 of data center space.

About Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Ltd.

Established in Hong Kong in 1982, Quantum Data Systems (QDS) is one of the city’s leading independent distributors of branded IT and facility solutions, including Avocent, Bachmann, EDP, Erogotron, Hetec, iHSE, KoldLok, NTI, Primera, Server Technology, Targa, and many more. They provide the latest proven IT and Facility solutions for data centers and other facilities and excel at pre- and post sale support. Now with operations in Macau and a number of major cities in China, their partner and customer networks span across the Asia Pacific region. Their role as an independent distributor allows partnering with all major stakeholders on any IT/Facility projects. Visit quantum.com.hk to learn more about QDS.


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